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I'm in the either the fourth quarter now or the fourth fith, hopefully the latter. Stage One; birth to 20 - growing up. Stage Two, 20 to 40, performing. Stage Three; 40 to 60 - teaching. Stage Four, 60 to 80 - Arias from the Eastern Suburbs. Stage Five; 80 to 104 - Lamingtons and Royalties.

My career as a freelance performer started in 1977 and embraced Acting in Theatre, Television, Film, Musicals, Opera, the Concert Platform, Avant Guard Contemporary Music Theatre and the development of New Australian Work. It continued until 2000.

In 1995 I began to write and perform songs - primarily about place. Freelance performing became less important as I embarked on an exploration of the Contemporary Australian Singing Voice. There is a problem with vocal identity in Australia; Australian theatre singers impersonate cast recordings from other countries. It is expected of them by global franchise moguls and encrypted by enclaves of parasites. Somehow the great achievments of Countdown never translated to the theatre primarily because the Australian Commercial Musical Theatre is manipulated by franchise colonialists from London and the fallen white way. I will not participate in this or be intimidated by its coded menace.

From 2004 to 2017 I practiced as a Teacher and Vocal Consultant around the Commercial Music Theatre and Recording Industries from my private studio in Sydney. THE CONTEMPORARY SINGING STUDIO evoked the Atelier studios of artists like Rembrant, Monet and Brett Whitleley. 

SUTRAS FROM A SINGER documents my studio practice which fuses Yogic, Musical and Visual Art concepts. 

YES CAMINO - I do long walks with a camera and a very light backpack. I love the people I meet as a minimal traveller. I’ve walked the Camino de Santiago three times now. YES CAMINO is a work made of 196 Aphorisms written over a 28 day walk in October 2017. It is accompanied by 196 images. 

ARIAS FROM THE EASTERN SUBURBS - Contemporary Audio Visual Performance Art is my current project. It addresses the vacume left by organised religion and global franchise fervour.  

Independent since 2000 

© Michael C. Smith 2018                    All Art Work by Michael C Smith