Michael C Smith: Arias from the Eastern Suburbs, Sutras from a Singer, Yes Camino. 


From 1977 to 2000 I worked freelance as an actor and singer in Theatre, Television, Film, Musicals, Opera, the Concert Platform, Avant Guard Contemporary Music Theatre and the development of New Australian Work. 

In 1995 I embarked on an exploration of the Contemporary Australian Singing Voice and withdrew from full time performing. There is a problem with vocal identity in Australia; Australian theatre singers impersonate cast recordings from other countries. From 2004 to 2017 I practiced as a Teacher and Vocal Consultant around the Commercial Music Theatre and Recording Industries from my private studio in Sydney. THE CONTEMPORARY SINGING STUDIO evoked the Atelier studios of artists like Rembrant, Monet and Brett Whitleley.

SUTRAS FROM A SINGER documents my studio practice which fuses Yogic, Musical and Visual Art concepts. 

YES CAMINO is a work of 196 Aphorisms and Images made over a 28 day walk. I love the people I meet as a minimal pilgrim. I've walked 4 Caminos so far.


© Michael C. Smith 2018