A life at the cutting edge of Music Theatre thinking performing and educating

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The performing career of Michael C Smith (Michael Smith) commenced in the late 1970's and embraced Acting in Theatre, Television, Film. Musicals, Opera, the Concert Platform, Avant Guard Contemporary Music Theatre and the development of new Australian Work.


In the mid 1990's, Michael C. Smith (Michael Smith) began writing and performing songs primarily about place: Arias from the Eastern Suburbs. This led to a comprehensive exploration of the Contemporary Australian Singing Voice. 


As a Vocal Consultant he has interacted with artists from most of the commercial Musical Theatre productions on the Australian circuit since the mid 1990’s. 

His studio, The Contemporary Singing Studio evokes the Atelier studios of artists like Rembrant, Monet and Whitleley. It is a place where ideas are provoked and shared. The internal sensations of singing are explored through the use of visual imagery and a liberal interpretation of classical technique.

He is currently working on the project ARIAS FROM THE EASTERN SUBURBS: Contemporary Audio Visual Performance Art. 


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